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TracFone is a leader in pre-paid cell phone plans and handsets for over 18 million Americans. There's no bills or contracts involved just add airtime when you need to. We have a range of promo codes and coupons to help you save on your airtime costs, don't forget to subscribe!

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5 Active Promo Codes for TracFone

100 Bonus Minutes With 200 Minute Airtime Card

Buy any TracFone 200 Minute Airtime card and get 100 additional bonus minutes added with this promo code.

60 Bonus Airtime Minutes With 60 Minute Cards

Get 60 minutes free when you purchase a 60 minute TracFone Airtime card. Simply enter this coupon code at checkout.

60 Bonus Airtime Minutes with 120 Minute Card

Get 60 minutes free when you purchase a 120 TracFone airtime minutes, if you have a double minutes plan this will give you 300 minutes for 90 days.

80 Bonus Airtime Minutes With 200 Minute Airtime Card

Get 80 minutes for free when you purchase a 200 minute TracFone Airtime card, simply redeem this promo code at the shopping cart.

50 Bonus Airtime Minutes with 200 Minute Card

Get 50 minutes free when you purchase a 200 minute TracFone airtime card, simply enter this promotional code during checkout to redeem.

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How To Use TracFone Promo Codes

TracFone Airtime Promo Codes

For Airtime you can enter TracFone promo codes on the selection screen for the Airtime you want to purchase:

TracFone Promo Code

Simply add the Airtime by clicking the add quantity, then enter your IMEI Number or Mobile Phone Number then put in the promo code where it says Have a Promo Code? then click continue to checkout.

TracFone Cell Phone Promo Codes

If you are purchasing a new cell phone from TracFone it's very likely that you'll see a different promo code field from the one above. Whenever you add a cell phone to your cart you'll be on a checkout page similar to this:

TraceFone Cell Phone Promo Code

The promotional code field is on the bottom right of the cell phone checkout page, it says Have a Promotional Code? to the left. Put your code in here to redeem.

How To Add TracFone Bonus Airtime Minutes

Whenever you buy airtime online it will automatically credited to your cell phone, this is because you need to enter the cell phone number or IMEI number of the handset.

There will be occasions when you get a TracFone Airtime Card and it is not already linked to a specific handset:

  • Phone + Airtime bundles: These cards can be used on any TracFone
  • In-Store Airtime purchases

Click Here to Load Airtime Online

We highly recommend loading your airtime via the TracFone website, this gives you the chance to test if any promo codes will allow you to extend your minutes for free. Make sure to try our coupon codes above when adding your airtime.

TracFone Lifetime Double Minutes

TracFone allows you to get double minutes for your cell phone in a few different ways:

Double Minutes For Life Card

You can buy an upgraded Airtime card in the TracFone store for $19.99 that will give you Double Minutes for life on all of your Airtime purchases.

Cost Minutes Double Minutes Coupon Minutes Total Minutes Cost per Minute
$9.99 30 30 0 60 $0.17/min
$19.99 60 60 60 180 $0.11/min
$29.99 120 120 60 300 $0.10/min
$39.99 200 200 80 480 $0.08/min
$79.99 450 450 0 900 $0.09/min

Double Minutes + Cell Phone

Keep an eye out if you are purchasing a brand new cell phone with TracFone for the ones that come with the Lifetime Double Minutes upgrade bundled.

Triple Minutes for Life

TracFone always runs special web only promotions that will give Triple Minutes aways with select handsets. Currently we'e only seen this promotion as part of a handset deal, you can't buy the triple minutes as an upgrade to your existing airtime like you can with the double minutes

TracFone Coverage Map

TracFone Coverage Map